For the uninitiated, photobombing is the art of jumping into the background of a photograph right as it is being taken. The results vary, but can be particularly hilarious if the correct ratio of "bizarre expression" to "having absolutely no relation to anyone in the picture" is met. Because it is the Internet's heroic burden to keep track of these things, here are three of the world's most notorious photobombers.

Paul Yarrow

Paul Yarrow really, really likes to be on the news. However, rather than achieving his dream by eating a thousand hot dogs or killing a president, Yarrow prefers to just stand in the background of live broadcasts and stare at the back of the reporter's head like it's playing every Michael McDonald song ever recorded.


Yarrow is so consistent in his appearances that some intern probably thought he was a ghost.

"Wait, you can see him, too? Oh, thank God."

According to one of the various interviews Yarrow has given (because lurking behind broadcasters like a pastry-guarding sphinx is apparently a newsworthy endeavor), he is actually trying to make a statement about overweight people not being featured on TV because they aren't attractive enough. Despite Batmaning his way into so many appearances, Yarrow claims that the reporters always deliberately pass him over when taking statements from the crowd, probably because he looks like Willow on growth hormones and has the speaking voice of a cartoon mouse.

Michael Cera

When he's not entertaining us with side-splitting comedy hits like Year One and Extreme Movie, Michael Cera is busy ambushing photos of anonymous douchebags to make them slightly more noteworthy.

Although to be fair, this photo is pretty hilarious on its own.

According to one of the least interesting minutes of television in the history of the medium, Cera wasn't even aware of the photobombing trend -- he just really likes jumping in on pictures, regardless of who is involved.

"Hey, did you guys see Superbad? That almost makes up for everything else!"

However, judging by these examples, Michael Cera might actually be some sort of celebrity vigilante using his chuckle-fame to thwart aspiring date rapists.

Kelsey Whyte

Nineteen-year-old self-described "professional photobomber" Kelsey Whyte has recently become an online sensation, because the Internet makes people like Andy Milonakis famous.

That's Whyte on the right, although the girl in the middle knows what everyone is really looking at.

Whyte is responsible for hijacking several photos taken at a local bar, appearing behind groups of drunk people and looking like a banshee that forgot to shield its eyes from the Ark of the Covenant.

Sheridan Student Union via Imgur
Amazingly, she still seems to be the least-intoxicated person in this picture.

Most of the photos were taken by the same person, who is a friend of Whyte's, which explains how she is able to get away with making stroke faces in so many candid shots of total strangers. Her antics have earned her a legion of fans on 4chan and Reddit, which admittedly is like telling people you have a big following in prison.

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