Sorry to get personal, but which way do you wipe? The only reason we ask is because a recent thread melted the forums when our dear readers realized that people had slightly different bathroom preferences than them.

As we looked upon the carnage, we realized there are so many insignificant topics that people feel almost violently confident about: hanging your toilet paper over or under, oxford commas, whether to say 'the' before the number of a freeway. No matter which side of the aisle you come down on, you know that anyone who disagrees with you is wrong and should probably be sent via a rocket into the sun.

These insignificant topics are what we're talking about on this week's podcast. Special guest-host Soren Bowie is joined by Cracked's Cody Johnston and Michael Swaim and comedian Annie Lederman for a graphic conversation about what these topics are and why they're so easy to fight over.

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Every summer we're treated to the same buffet of three or four science fiction movies with the same basic conceits. There's man vs. aliens, man vs. robots, man vs. army of clones and man vs. complicated time travel rules. With virtual reality and self-driving cars fast approaching, it's time to consider what type of sci-fi movie we want to be living in for the rest of our lives. Co-hosts Jack O'Brien and Adam Tod Brown are joined by Cracked's Tom Reimann and Josh Sargent and comedians David Huntsberger, Adam Newman and Caitlin Gill to figure out which sci-fi trope would be the best to make a reality.

Tickets are only $5 and on sale here.

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