Vonnegut Book Club: Fates Worse Than Death

Following 1981's Palm Sunday, Kurt Vonnegut wrote his last major stretch of novels. After ten years of Reaganomics, Bush, Sr., and the first Gulf War, Vonnegut was raring to go with another non-fiction collection. You know that time it is: Kurt clip-show time, baby!

And thus, Fates Worse Than Death was born, a collection of speeches, essays and articles centered around 21 significant themes. Keep in mind, this is 1991 and in this collection, Kurt has massive premonitions about global warming and the political tides that would eventually lead to Fox News and Donald Trump.

So join Alex Schmidt and Michael Swaim as they break-down the essays, the themes, the predictions and the problematic in Kurt Vonnegut's Fates Worse Than Death.

Franken-Time (00:01:15)

Story Time (00:08:15)

Kurt Blurt (01:19:05)

VonneWHAT (01:37:15)

The Meat (01:48:45)

VonneGRADES (01:50:00)

Related Reading (01:53:00)

Vonnegut News (02:00:10)

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