Have you ever been to a modern art museum and seen a piece that's just a couple splatters of paint on a blank canvas and thought, "how is this art?" It's not an uncommon feeling, and Kurt Vonnegut may have felt the very same way.

In his 1987 novel Bluebeard, Vonnegut writes the autobiography of fictional abstract expressionist painter Rabo Karabekian, whose most famous work is a single shade of blue painted onto eight identical panels. The novel tackles themes of gender, survivor's guilt and the nature of art itself.

Join the Vonneguys Alex Schmidt and Michael Swaim as they break down the plot, cast a fictional movie adaptation and diverge wildly in their opinions of Kurt Vonnegut's Bluebeard.

Plot Time (00:00:50)

Kurt Blurt (00:50:30)

Recurring Characters Update (1:28:20)

Kurt Cameo (1:30:00)

VonneWHAT (1:31:15)

The Meat (2:04:15)

Vonnegrades (2:20:30)

Movie Time (2:24:00)

Related Reading (02:32:00)

Vonnegut News (02:45:00)

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