How Our Favorite Twitter Alien Is Handling This Bizarre Year

Jonny Sun is Twitter-famous. Not in a Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber sort of way. He's Weird Twitter-famous. He's got half a million followers and he did it the hard way, by inhabiting the character of Jomny Sun, an alien visiting earth without any friends or a solid grasp of spelling in the English language.

Jonny's now a published author, a playwright and an architect, he's coded two of Twitter's most popular bot accounts, oh, and he's studying for his doctorate at a little place called MIT. Heard of it?

Dude is super smart, super funny and while normal people like us have to practice and study to get better at things, he probably learns like Trinity in The Matrix learning how to fly a helicopter. So this week Alex Schmidt and Daniel O'Brien are joined by Jonny in-studio to talk about his book full of typos, juggling being an author-internet celebrity-architect-playwright and the state of internet cultures in 2017.



Book: Jonny Sun: Everyone's a Aliebn When Ur a Aliebn Too

@JonnySun: look. life is bad. evryones sad. we're all gona die. but i alredy bought this inflatable boumcy castle so r u gona take ur shoes off or wat

@JonnySun: "i just want to go home" said the astronaut. "so come home" said ground control. "so come home" said the voice from the stars.

@JonnySun: CANADIAN: im a canadian DATE: cool i've never met a comedian befor CANADIAN: [is too polite to corect them, dedicates entire life to comedy]

@wint: another day volunteering at the betsy ross museum. everyone keeps asking me if they can fuck the flag. buddy, they wont even let me fuck it

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Book: Jack Handy: The Stench of Honolulu

Book: Dana Boyd: It's Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens

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Graphic Novel: Art Spiegelman: In the Shadow of No Towers

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Play: Shel Silverstein: The Best Daddy

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