If recent interviews with music legend Quincy Jones are any indication, every famous musician hangs out with every other famous musician (and yes, we know Quincy Jones also said......other stuff). Which kind of makes sense, right? Once you're in that upper echelon of winning Grammys and living in the Hollywood Hills, you'd probably at least run into each other at whatever the rich people equivalent of 7-Eleven is (8-Twelve?). But here's the amazing thing: a lot of those hangouts almost led to bands and team-ups that would've changed the course of music history.

On this week's episode of The Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt is joined by Jack O'Brien and Miles Gray (The Daily Zeitgeist) for a reunion of sorts, as they mentally reunite music legends who almost built mind-blowing awesomeness together. And we're not just talking "the Beatles do more stuff" awesomeness. We're talking "Paul McCartney and Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis BECOME A BAND" AWESOMENESS.


The Daily Zeitgeist

7 WTF Musical Supergroups (That Almost Happened)‬ (Cracked)

5 Insane Music Collaborations (That Almost Happened) (Cracked)

In Conversation: Quincy Jones (Vulture)

Quincy Jones Has a Story About That (GQ)

Jay Z, DMX And Ja Rule Could've Had The Greatest Rap Group Of All Time (MTV News)

Neil Young and Rick James' Motown Pop Band the Mynah Birds (Rolling Stone)

Kendrick Lamar almost collaborated with Prince (The Billings Gazette)

Prince Had No Time for Matt Damon's Pedestrian Small Talk (Vanity Fair)

Elvis Presley -- "Black Star"

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