How Predictive Text Gave Us A New Harry Potter Chapter

If there's one book the entire planet wants to read right this second, it's Harry Potter and the Eighth Novel That's As Good As The First Seven. So far J.K. Rowling hasn't given it to us, because she's been TOO LAZY (and when we say "too lazy", we mean she's written a play and a movie franchise and adult novels and good tweets). So what if someone else could replicate her work, and write us more Potter? Also what if that writer was a machine? And what if that machine delivered utterly brilliant scene descriptions like "Ron was going to be spiders. He just was." that made us realize how funny Harry Potter oughta be?

On this week's episode of The Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt sits down with Jamie Brew, Elle O'Brien, & Mike Frederickson, a team of comedians & tech wizards from Botnik. They'll dig into how Botnik's predictive text technology combines with actual living breathing humans, to find fun jokes within the relentless advance of automation. They'll also discover a digital future that might actually be worth looking forward to. And they'll even deliver The Cracked Podcast's first ever dramatic literary reading.


Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like A Large Pile of Ash by Botnik Studios

Dramatic Reading Cast (in order of appearance):

Jamie Brew: narrator

Elle O'Brien: Hermione Granger

Alex Schmidt: Ron Weasley, Death Eater 1, Dumbledore

Mike Frederickson: Mr. Staircase, Death Eater 2, Harry Potter

Hilarious illustrations of Botnik's Potter chapter by @sketchshark

"Holiday Update" by Botnik Studios

Seinfeld S0XE1 by Botnik Studios

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KFC mocks Trump's 'nuclear button' tweet by jokingly threatening McDonald's (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)


Douglas Adams's introduction to P.G. Wodehouse's Sunset at Blandings, reprinted in The Salmon Of Doubt

"Bill Gates says, 'Wait till you can see what your computer can become.' But it's you who should be doing the becoming, not the damn fool computer. What you can become is the miracle you were born to be through the work that you do." - Kurt Vonnegut in A Man Without A Country

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