Sometimes finding the presidential candidate that's right for you comes down to the endorsements. Are they supported by the teachers union or local firefighters? Maybe the endorsement of the New York Times means something to you.

What if a major candidate this year, a certain blustery, orange-haired TV personality, had the endorsements of The Daily Stormer, American Renaissance and the League of the South, organizations whose political leanings fall somewhere between John Wilkes Boothe and Michael Fassbender in 12 Years A Slave? Why hasn't the Donald Trump bullet-train to the White House come to a screeching halt with the revelation that many of his advocates would rather it be 1850 than 2015?

This week on the podcast, Jack O'Brien is joined by Cracked editors Adam Tod Brown and Robert Evans to discuss Donald Trump, the seeming rise of white supremacy around the globe, and secret Nazi dog-whistles. Later, Stephanie Georgopulos from Paper Magazine sits down with Jack for a one-on-one about Michael Jackson's racial identity and what it's like to grow up biracial in America.

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