Do you secretly 'ship Rachel and Joey? Do you know all the words to "The Monorail Song?" Do you scream at your friends, "we have to go back!" anytime someone brings up a good vacation you had?

Cracked's Carmen Angelica and Brett Rader certainly do, as well as make countless other TV references that alienate their friends, family and coworkers. That's why they're the hosts of Cracked's brand new TV-centric podcast Best Episode Ever.

Each week, Carmen and Brett will ask one super-fan into the studio to discuss their favorite series, and by the end of each show, they will crown its best episode ever.

This week, After Hours' Katie Willert sits down for a conversation about your favorite fountain-dancing, coffee-drinking Manhattanites. Yes, we're getting things started with Friends. They talk about 90s zeitgeist, whether Ross and Rachel should actually be together, how the show mastered Thanksgiving episodes, and of course, they etch in stone its best episode ever.

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