Have you ever wondered what happens in the world's most exclusive clubs, parties, and airline lounges? Well wonder no longer, because a writer/podcaster/famous minor television personality explored them on your behalf, and captured them like no one else can. On this episode of The Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt is joined by the one and only John Hodgman, author of Medallion Status: True Stories From Secret Rooms. Thanks to John you'll experience the elegant ridiculousness of Yale's secret society tombs, learn the true name of Mar-a-Lago, and discover the Delta Airlines status so elevated it feels like the sweet release of death. Also stick around for advice on how any of us can feel the hidden magic of being Gold Status without ever flying a mile.


bit.ly/MEDALLIONSTATUS -- the premium shortlink for acquiring John Hodgman's new book!

John Hodgman's tour dates (both for his book tour and for live episodes of Judge John Hodgman)

Judge John Hodgman (Maximum Fun) -- catch live tour shows in November in Toronto, Durham NC, Atlanta, Washington DC, and Portland ME

Delta Airlines Medallion Status Levels (delta.com)

Inside Adam Savage's Cave (Tested.com)

Chompers The Corgi on Instagram (approx. 130,000 followers)

Linus The Corgi on Instagram (approx. 13,800 followers)

Deer Isle Bridge (Wikipedia)

Tacoma Narrows Bridge called "Galloping Gertie" (Wikipedia)

Tomb raiders: The clubhouses of Yale's secret societies (Curbed)

Emmy Awards Show highlights from the Microsoft Theater

About 'Flag': Scientology has 67 properties in Clearwater (Tampa Bay Times)

Primary Sources: L. Ron Hubbard Leaves the Navy (The New Yorker)

Mar-a-Lago's bizarre breach: a mystery woman, malware and Trump's 'circus' (The Guardian)

A Teenager Snuck Into Mar-a-Lago The Day After Thanksgiving (New York Magazine)

The Ironic History of Mar-a-Lago (Smithsonian)

Florida Intracoastal Waterway (Encyclopedia Britannica)

7 of the world's most exclusive private members' clubs (The CEO Magazine.com)

The best and most exclusive members clubs in the world (The Gentleman's Journal.com

10 of the world's most exclusive members clubs (CNN Travel)

Inside Disneyland's VIP Club 33, the Holy Grail of Luxury for Disney Fans (Thrillist)

Final Look at Disneyland's Club 33 Before Major Expansion Adding Jazz Club (DisneyDose.com)

Faye Dunaway's post-Oscar breakfast (ThisIsGlamorous.com)

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