History is the most prolific screenwriter of all time. Thanks to the magic of Events Happening In Real Life, pop culture has graced us with everything from 'Braveheart' to 'On The Basis Of Sex'. Those hit biopics about real people form a sort of Humanity Hall Of Fame. What if we told you there are an endless number of incredible real people who belong in that hall, and could make Hollywood fat stacks of cash in the process, if somebody would only put them on screen?

On this episode of The Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt is joined by writers/podcasters/all-around hilarious people Dave Schilling and Andrew Ti. They'll take a trip down historical memory lane, and look into the most fascinating stories of right now, to find every amazing biopic Hollywood should have already made (and still can make). Get to know the most incredible war hero and U.S. Senator nobody talks about, the first female Presidential candidate, the Forrest Gump of relationships with modern terrible men, and more epic real people with Oscar potential.


Dave Schilling on Twitter

Andrew Ti on Twitter

"Yo, Is This Racist?" podcast (Earwolf)

Daniel Inouye: A Japanese American Soldier's Valor in World War II (National Park Service)

How The American Empire Destroyed The Kingdom Of Hawaii (Ozy)

Glenn Burke, 42, A Major League Baseball Player (New York Times obituary)

Actually, Jason Collins Isn't the First Openly Gay Man in a Major Pro Sport (The Atlantic)

Glenn Burke was ideal Dodger teammate whose sexuality wasn't an issue (Los Angeles Times)

How Nate Diaz fought his way from Stockton to UFC royalty (ESPN)

Fight Milk (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia wikia)

9 Things You Should Know About Victoria Woodhull (History.com)

Marcia Lucas's IMDb page

3 Ways In Which Marcia Lucas Helped Save Star Wars (SyFy)

Old-Fashioned Analog Film Editing Machine (Neatorama)

The "Quaker Comet" Was the Greatest Abolitionist You've Never Heard Of (Smithsonian)

Seduced and Abandoned: Wendi Deng's Note To Tony Blair (Vanity Fair)

US officials 'briefed Jared Kushner on concerns about Wendi Deng Murdoch' (The Guardian)

NEW MUSIC ALERT: "Old Engine Oil" by The Budos Band (Daptone Records)

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