If you're a movie fan in 2017, you're hard pressed to find many original sci-fi films. There are a lot more Alien: Covenants and Blade Runner: 2o49s than Ex Machinas. That's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just sometimes sci-fi fans want to experience something new, something fresh, something that's not in the Transformers expanded universe.

I mean, it's 2017. There are new planets and technologies being discovered every day. Surely some of them would make for the basis of a good sci-fi movie.

So on this week's podcast, Alex Schmidt puts together a panel to research as many new and groundbreaking science stories as possible and pitch them as sci-fi movies. He's joined live in New York at the Now Hear This podcast festival by Cracked's Brett Rader and Michael Swaim, and comedians Claudia Cogan and Negin Farsad to discuss sense vests, head transplants, robot vines and more.


Los Angeles Times: Caltech scientists make robots out of DNA that can pick stuff up and move it around

Wired: Lab-grown brain balls are starting to look more lifelike

TED: David Eagleman: Can we create new senses for humans?

New York Times: Microchip implants for employees? One company says yes

Business Insider: A surgeon aiming to do the first human head transplant says 'Frankenstein' predicted a crucial part of the surgery

Trailer: The Thing With Two Heads

Vice: The Mir Space Station was a marvel, a clusterfuck, and an underdog hero

The Guardian: Space savers: astronaut urine could make supplies from nutrients to tools

Mirror: Scientists say humans should learn from pigeons to be better at work

Independent: Facebook's AI robots shut down after they start talking to each other in their own language

TechCrunch: Meet the adorable robot camera Japan's space agency sent to the ISS

The Verge: These soft robots are inspired by plants and move like sentient vines

Trailer: Geostorm

Cracked: 6 ways driverless cars are going to kill lots of people

Video: Drone speared at renaissance fair

Futurism: The world's largest and most powerful x-ray laser just went online

Space: Are solar sails the future of space travel?

Gizmodo: Hitchhiking robot lasts just two weeks in US because humans are terrible

Wired: Biometrics are coming, along with serious security concerns

Mary Roach: Grunt

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