Everyone has dreams of greatness. Some hope to be important leaders. Others hope to break barriers and change peoples' lives. Still others want to be war heroes with superhuman Rambo-like invincibility. Well the cool thing about history is that it's full of those leaders, pioneers, and supersoldiers -- all you gotta do is look closely. And the even cooler thing about it is that history is so chock full of badasses, one great American was a "leader/pioneer/supersoldier" rolled into one, and lived in our lifetime.

On this week's LIVE episode of The Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt is joined by comedians Emily Heller (Conan, Late Night with Seth Meyers), Greg Edwards (The Improv, Wisecrack) and Zack Bornstein (SNL, The New Yorker) for a sequel to one of our all-time favorite Cracked Podcast episodes. You'll discover over a dozen incredible humans from across a thousand years of human civilization. You'll come across women & trans people who HIS-tory should've celebrated sooner. And for the first time ever in our "little-known badasses" series, you'll hear the tale of one hero who's a panelist's ancestor.


biographical sketch of Lou Henry Hoover, 1874-1944 (Herbert Hoover Presidential Library & Museum, webarchive version)

Historical Badasses You've Never Heard Of, Part 1 (The Cracked Podcast)

Historical Badasses You've Never Heard Of, Part 2 (The Cracked Podcast)

Meet the Actress Who Performed the First Onscreen Orgasm (Time)

7 Celebrities Who Invented Amazing Things on the Side (Cracked)

Daniel Inouye: A Japanese American Soldier's Valor in World War II (National Park Service)

The 6 Most Badass Stunts Ever Pulled in the Name of Science (Cracked)

OVERLOOKED: Marsha P. Johnson, 1945-1992 (The New York Times)

Stonewall sparks boycott row after claims film 'whitewashes' gay struggle (The Guardian)

Madame Restell: The Abortionist of Fifth Avenue (Smithsonian)

The Wrestler Princess (Lapham's Quarterly)

Abolition of Slavery in Canada (PBS)

5 Badass People Who Stood Up to Infamous Dictators (Cracked)

The Cossack Cats (An American Tail wikia)

5 Priests Who Turned Badass When Things Got Critical (Cracked)

Educator Jane Elliott Talks Trump, Kaepernick and Fixing Racism (NBC News)

Aphra Behn (Poetry Foundation)

Pope sorrow over Constantinople (BBC News)

Odette Hallowes, 82, A British Agent Tortured by Nazis (The New York Times)

Fooling Hitler: The Elaborate Ruse Behind D-Day (History Channel)

5 First Ladies More Badass Than Their Husbands (Cracked)

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