Writing is magic. It is a beautiful, impressive, artsy-fartsy pursuit...AND a way screenwriters and novelists take weird shots at their enemies. On this episode of The Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt is joined by comedy writers Ben Joseph and Chase Mitchell for a look at world-famous villains and monsters created to insult real people. From Godzilla to Goldfinger to the funniest galactic adventure ever written, get ready to learn how Pent-Up Writer Anger generated some of the all-time best evil characters.


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6 Famous Works of Art You Didn't Know Were Vicious Insults (Cracked)

5 Legendary Monsters Who Were Based On Real People (Cracked)

6 Iconic Works Of Art With Brutal Insults Hidden In Them (Cracked)

5 Plotlines Where The Creators Secretly Trolled People (Cracked)

5 Famous Characters You Didn't Know Are Based On Real People (Cracked)

Ernst Stavro Blofeld (James Bond Wiki)

The murky life and death of Robert Maxwell - and how it shaped his daughter Ghislaine (The Guardian)

Paul Neil Milne Johnstone (Hitchhikers Guide Wiki)

A Farewell To Arms (NEA)

Stephen Fry struggling to say "pocketed it" in multiple Harry Potter audiobooks (YouTube)

IMDB page for awards won by Shrek (2001)

Why Yes, Veep's Jonah Ryan Is Based on Ted Cruz (The Mary Sue)

Inside Al Franken's blood feud with Ted Cruz, 'the guy who microwaves fish in the office' (The Washington Post)

All Of The Terrible Things Lindsey Graham Has Said About Ted Cruz, Whom He Just Endorsed (Vanity Fair)

A Brief History of Ted Cruz's One-Sided Obsession with The Simpsons (Vanity Fair)

The Disturbing Secret Behind An Iconic Cartoon: Underage Sexual Abuse (Buzzfeed News)

'Ren and Stimpy' Will Not Be Part of Any Nicktoons Reboot or Movie (Slashfilm)

Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus (South Park Wiki)

13 High-Strung Facts About Fawlty Towers (Mental Floss)

Hotel that inspired John Cleese's classic Fawlty Towers demolished (The Guardian)

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