The world is full of systems and orders that we never really question because they've seemingly exited forever. And we're not talking about overthrowing the government or anything, we just mean basic things like how we take out our trash, when we vote and what movies we like to see when.

Think about it, why do all the big action-tentpole movies come out in the summer? Is it because kids are out of school? Beauty and the Beast has made a half-billion dollars domestically but it came out in March. If the next Spiderman came out in February, would nobody see it? Of course people would, so again, why all the big movies in the Summer?

This week on the podcast we're asking questions like these to some of the big staples of modern living. Jack O'Brien is joined by Adam Ganser and Alex Schmidt. They ask if there's a better way we can be voting, doing taxes and disposing of our trash, and make simple tweaks to improve professional sports, comic book movies and the 5-day work week.

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