Bill Murray is an asshole. Or at least his Ghostbusters character is, if you consider the environmental ramifications of keeping a box of evil ghosts in America's densest square mile of humans. That d***less EPA guy was right. Times changed. You know that. But did you know actors from Tom Hanks to Jimmy Stewart ran into that same Murray Problem? And played villains who seem nice, or heroes who seem like garbage people, just because the whole world changed a few decades (or years (or seconds)) after the movie wrapped?

On this week's podcast, Alex Schmidt is joined by Cracked editor Dan Hopper for a journey into the dark underbelly of almost all your favorite movies. From the Christmas classics you love to the superhero movies you plunk down $17.50 to see, get ready for the history, economics, societal shifts, and scams the President of the United States got away with, that turned your DVD collection into a set of ridiculous movie premises.


5 Movies Where The Heroes & Villains Would Be Reversed Today (Cracked)

The Shop Around the Corner (IMDb)

Real Estate Data for East Village NYC (Trulia)

Student Debt: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

I Teach At A For-Profit College: 5 Ridiculous Realities (Cracked)

Trump and DeVos fuel a for-profit college comeback (Politico)

College Has Gotten 12 Times More Expensive in One Generation (Mother Jones)

Race and the Standardized Testing Wars (New York Times)

3 Myths About Army ROTC Scholarships for College (US News & World Report)

Enron (Wikipedia)

There are more renters than any time since 1965 (CNBC)

5 Movie Villains Who Were Completely Right The Whole Time (Cracked)

Why Airbnb Is Terrible (Cracked)

Angels With Filthy Souls (Home Alone Wikia)

Home Alone 2: Angels With Filthy Souls scene (YouTube)

9 Famous Movie Villains Who Were Right All Along (Cracked)

'Avengers' Damage to Manhattan Would Cost $160 Billion, Disaster Expert Estimates (The Hollywood Reporter)

Why is Pop Culture Obsessed with Destroying Chicago? (Chicago Review Of Books)

100 million sharks killed each year, say scientists (The Guardian)

'Sharks don't like to eat people': attack statistics contradict untested theories (The Guardian)

5 Movie Villains (Who Are Actually The Good Guys) (Cracked)

Why Bugs Bunny Is the Most Progressive Character of All Time (Cracked)

Join us for our first LIVE Cracked Podcast of 2018! It's happening Saturday, January 13th at 7pm. Alex Schmidt is joined by guests Caitlin Gill, Christine Medrano, and Blake Wexler, for a deep dive into History's Funniest Pranks & Goofs. Tickets are $7 and available HERE.

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