History: it's the number one topic for filmmakers who want to win an Oscar. From serious movies about American history to serious movies about British history, no subject wins more votes and locks down more statues. Of course the people making those movies would tell you they're super serious because history was that way, so what else can they do. But what if every period drama could be funnier AND realer if it got over itself? And what if eras from ancient Rome to the twentieth century Cold War featured real hijinks that are so hilarious, so wild, so straight-up funny, Hollywood refused to show them to you?

On this week's episode of The Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt and Dan Hopper explore that exact phenomenon. They'll pick apart some of the greatest historical dramas and biopics of all time, take you behind the production curtain, and pick out the hilarious elements filmmakers just didn't have the guts to put in. And they'll dig into the biggest historical events of all time, illuminating funny real things no moviemaker would show you unless they're making a comedy, and willing to forgo Oscar riches.


5 Historical Facts That Were Way Too Stupid For The Movies (Cracked)

Dan Hopper on Twitter

''Gladiator'' doesn't quite stick to the facts (Entertainment Weekly)

Sean Connery using a fake makeout trick for spy stuff - Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

the inflatable autopilot - Airplane! (1980)

6 Tiny Mistakes That Shaped Huge Parts of Modern History (Cracked)

Fidel Castro: The CIA's 7 Most Bizarre Assassination Attempts (NBC News)

These fighter jets inspired the aircraft in 'Star Wars' (Popular Science)

5 Insane True Stories That Change How You Picture WWII (Cracked)

Steamroller death scene -- Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery (1997)

Iron Sky (2012) -- IMDb page

Why Japan's Samurai Were Nothing Like You Think - Hilarious Helmet History

Grave Of Stonewall Jackson's Arm (Atlas Obscura)

6 True Abraham Lincoln Stories Too Crazy For History Class (Cracked)

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