They call it "hard work" for a reason. Nobody wants to spend their energy and focus on non-fun stuff. Everybody wants an easier way to make a buck and fund their lifestyle. What if you could get a first-hand account of what it's actually like to try those get-rich-quick schemes you daydream about? What if today's Cracked Podcast explored weird, silly, and strange get-rich-quick schemes you've never even thought of trying? And what if some of today's stories involve Captain Kirk riding a horse in another dimension?

On this episode of The Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt is joined by Nick Turner and Nick Vatterott (the hosts of Get Rich Nick) for a look at bizarrely elaborate ways real people tried to make money. They'll discover the luckiest people from the early Internet's gold rush, dig into ways actors and directors scammed their own movies, and take a hard look at "easy" ways to make a buck by skirting the law. Also stick around for the ultimate fate of websites from that funny Facebook greeting card repository to that gross shock site you thought you'd never look at again.


Get Rich Nick podcast (Earwolf)

The 6 Least Impressive Ways Anyone Ever Got Rich (Cracked)

The 6 Dumbest Ways People Tried To Turn Memes Into Money (Cracked)

5 People Who Ran Side Hustles While Making Movies (Cracked)

Agricola (Board Game Geek)

Katy Perry Says She Did Not Pay for Super Bowl Halftime Gig (Rolling Stone)

Soccer jerseys are prime real estate for advertisers and sponsors (Axios)

Vodafone ends Man Utd shirt deal (BBC News story from 2005)

The Million Dollar Homepage

Goatse (Know Your Meme)

Own a Piece of Disgusting Internet History With Your Very Own Goatse Email Address (Gawker)

The Goatse Cryptocurrency Is Launching to Make Memes Danker (VICE)

You Can Sell Your Poop For $13,000 a Year (TIME)

The Excrement Experiment (The New Yorker)

A Former Lab Rat's Review of Robert Rodriguez's Drug-Study Horror Movie 'Red 11' (Texas Monthly)

Star Trek: Generations (1994) Movie CLIP - "Make a Difference Again" (YouTube)

Getting the Star Treatment with Lyle Waggoner (Los Angeles Magazine)

How a Comedy Website Came to Sell Wine to Survive (archived story from The New York Times)

Augmented Reality App Brings 19 Crimes Labels to Life (

Note: is now a parked domain, and the wine business appears to be inactive. is still an active comedy site.

How Do You Sell Illegal Lightbulbs in the EU? Just Call Them Heatballs Instead! (Gizmodo)

Authorities reject 'Heatballs' attempt to skirt EU light bulb ban (

Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame & Pinball Museum

Odds are against pachinko to steer clear of gambling rules (Financial Times)

Five Objects People Are Buying to Get Marijuana in DC (Washingtonian)

'Artful' strippers escape censure (BBC News)

No dice: Casino invents version of craps played with cards (The Joplin Globe)

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