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We are constantly being bombarded by subtle and not-so-subtle messages about how we should think and behave. The problem is, there's an incredible amount of contradiction in the messages we receive. "You're beautiful the way you are," but also, "make sure to hide your flaws with cosmetics."

We asked our readers to show us those contradictory messages, so you'll recognize them the next time they pop up. And, hopefully, you'll know not to pay attention to any of them.

Our thanks to jmrudow for suggesting this contest.

Entry by ron saito


Entry by ron saito

Live cach day as if it's Vi your last R 06 01S715 y fere B Jor INVEST FOR THE FUTURE. Whether it's a plan for college savings or investing your life s

Entry by masta_X

DON'T BE A POSY, MANUP! Don't be a d**k, embrace your feminine side! CRACKED COM

Entry by ron saito

don't dwell on the past Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Entry by Joyce Rogers

TODAY' OMAN Get that JULY 2018 You TEENY can never be TINY too young, BODY too rich, or too thin! with our Page 6 1-Week CRASH DIET HAVE #NoPain Perfe

Entry by

CRACKEDCO COM Why do you wear so much makeup? Girls AONSA look so much better without it, it looks more natural. Oh my God, what's wrong with you? Are

Entry by PollyDarton

First up in the 7:00 hour LOVE YOUR SELFIE LEARNING TO BE COMFORTABLE IN YOUR SKIN TODAY eedom Police: 3 child. -abduction incidents in the same area

Entry by Michael Voll

Unrelenting dedication to your work is the key to greatness. Never put your work ahead of your family. CRACKEDCOMT

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