20 Annoying 'Modern' Trends That Are Older Than You Think

We like to think that the modern day annoyances we have to suffer through are exclusive only to us. But, thanks to a little digging from our readers, it turns out that the type of crap we have put up with has been around for centuries. $200 went to the reader who dug the deepest ...

Entry by Jordan Rudow

GRACKEDCON You hear it all the time: Hollywood just remakes and reboots the same stories over and over. We need to go back to the good OlD days when

Entry by bookstothesky

Hw r u ts mng? I'm pty wl; hw r u? I'm nt flg vy wl; fraid I've gt t mlaria. Modern-day txt spk? Nope! This is a sample conversation between two teleg

Entry by roguematt

Einst und Jetzt, FAD DIETS: Dr. Oz has convinced you that calorie restriction is a great way to perhaps live up to 150 years old? Luigi Cornaro first

Entry by Arrr0wmanc3r

THE TERM MEME Was originally used by biologist Richard Dawkins. To describe a unlt of cultural transmission, or a unit Of imitation The term WAS C

Entry by maluba

LORD FISHER TO THE RIGHT HON. WINSTON CHURCHILL. My DEAR WINsTON, T AM here for a few davs longer hefore rejoining my Tired of kids today using intern

Entry by Bennett Rea

Douchebag taking a selfie c. 2014 Douchebag cling a sl6e s.1914 a CRACKED COM

Entry by j21

VLEA VAAIN isn't exclusive to urb an kids and spray cans. These gems were found at the ashes of Pompeii: My Weep, you girls. has given you penis Now

Entry by bookstothesky

Hardcore sports fans have been around for at least 2000 years. In ancient Rome and Byzantium, the fans of the Blue, Green, Red and White chariot teams

Entry by DarrenJames

Though coffee-shops spawning on every street seems to be a fairly recent phenomenon... Phop Laofeinu ST CeCal Solun FEE B COSTA TAR DESIGNY OOFFE CAPP

Entry by wallybear

Lolcats have been around since the 1870s British portrait photographer Harry Pointer was known for creating pictures of cats in various situations. He

Entry by Danzy

Ever notice the trend in Comics that depicts a hero holding a fallen comrade? Superman held Supergirl after she died. Cyclops held Jean Grey after she

Entry by Eraser

CRACKED.COM Neolithic Era Ancient Greece Today 1910's Humans have been chewing gum for 5,000 years

Entry by j21

Your mama jokes are way older than modern times. Shakespeare, for one, wasn't averse to throwing them into his works: Painter: Y'are a dog. Apeman

Entry by sirwillifer

Hate how GMOS common seem to be nowadays? Just remember... 1 T ...by one means or another, humans have always loved screwing with nature. And we made

Entry by frenchfood

S uperficial or lazy news reporting is not exactly a new phenonema.. Take the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. When, in 1058, the Earl of Mercia was exiled from

Entry by j21

3 So, those Certific Birth here... birthers... BROTHER. Annu BIG REAL Fre EY Col Lakin YOUR US Tneligible he SHOW CERTIFICATE! BIRTH ARTICLE 2 esi d

Entry by Danzy

Giving people the finger goes back to the ancient world. The Romans called it digitus impudicus; the impudent digit. The Greeks called it katapugon

Entry by mkad

Ugh, 21st century vampires... aMay she worthy find it that before of subjects her pretend these talents To suckling suck dead Pernicions beyond her dr

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New-England Courant. Almanack INp & STORIES Trolls make slanderous comments. usualy under an assumed identity, to intentionally provoke or enrage read

Entry by Edvamp

HATING THE NEW IS NOT NEW And what the Net seems to be doing is chipping away my capacity for concentration and contemplation. As we come to rely on c