For the most part, movies and TV shows are supposed to be about us, right? They're either directly or indirectly about the human condition, and are packed with human behavior. Except that a lot of the time, they really aren't. They play more like an alien's vague idea of what our species does. Yea, yea, yea--we know, actors playing characters never have to go to the bathroom (except if the plot demands it) and they're teeth always look great. But it extends beyond those cliche examples. 

Have you ever noticed how effortlessly fictional characters drop whole literary quotes? Don't blame your English teacher, it really helps to you know, have a script. How about the fact that fictional characters are just constantly revealing incredibly details and secrets while having sex with one another. We don't know about you, but we can barely string a sentence together. 

The fact is it would be pretty awesome (in some ways!) to be a character in a fictional universe. At the very least, you almost never have to wait for the check.  Keep on scrollin' for more amazing examples…

Entry by PookieJones

Show of hands, how many of you neglect your children to do mundane things with your friends? 21105 CRACKED.COM

Entry by PookieJones

34 Things Movie And TV Characters Do That No Real Person Does

Entry by Karen Jones

34 Things Movie And TV Characters Do That No Real Person Does

Entry by PookieJones

If I were to trust on-screen behavior, I'd kiss my ex as soon as I'd see him, despite the fact we haven't spoken in years. CRACKED COM

Entry by Bill Mead


Entry by Dr.Maybe

Sitcom characters have no sense of humor. They never laugh at each other's jokes, and some of them are hilarious. Real people laugh even when they don

Entry by CZM

Do you and your friends eat at the same restaurant every single day, too?

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