19 Widespread Beliefs (Debunked)

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The brain is a funny thing. You can go through most of your life trusting that a certain thing is true, because you've always believed it to be. But as it turns out, that same thing can be debunked with just a couple of sentences. Which makes you wonder why so many people seem to believe so many demonstrably incorrect things.

Our readers are here to rectify that.

Entry by lemonstar

Despite what some skincare products claim, pores do not open or close. CRAC Cleansing with hot water or steam will help clear trapped dirt and buildup


BELIEF: GMO foods are dangerous, and will give humans all kinds of diseases. TRUTH: The National Academies of Science found no link between increased


ceorge Washington never wore a wig. ITE SPRINKLE WEINOTON The kind of hairstyle one would see in most of his portraits was achieved by following a pro


BELIEF: Gavel-banging is part of a standard courtroom proceeding. TRUTH: Far from it. Not only is it not part of the procedure, but a survey of NYC ju

Entry by Fooery

ThE tongue-map taught in grade-school has been proven by science to be incorrect. You can in fact taste anything with any part of your tongue. Try it

Entry by Blacklight777

The Fabled Perfect Recall Known As Photographic Memory Has Not Been Proven To Exist. The Closest Thing You'll Get To Perfect Recall Is Hyperthymesia S

Entry by munagam07

19 Widespread Beliefs (Debunked)

Entry by Fooery

Sharks are immune to cancer. AEtuallyoo Many shariks with cangers and tumors have been well documented.

Entry by Hestutomo

These are not caused by the skin's absorbing water. They're actually the body's way of improving the hands' grip on wet objects, similar to a tire's t

Entry by Maclise

A penny dropped from a skyscraper wouldn't kill you. A penny has a terminal velocity of only about 25 mph. Being hit by that would feel like a flick o

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

CRACKED GON Whenever you are sick, you are used to hearing your mother say: Feed a cold, starve a fever Actually, it is better to eat in both cases.

Entry by JarOCats

There's no such thing as SUSHI-GRADE FISH. The term is just a marketing ploy to make you think you're buying a higher-quality fish, but it only mean

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Contrary to popular belief, water is not a good conductor of electricity. The basic rule of electric conductivity is that the conductor needs to carry

Entry by WhiteCells

19 Widespread Beliefs (Debunked)

Entry by munagam07

19 Widespread Beliefs (Debunked)

Entry by Hestutomo

Despite the name, eating fat doesn't actually make people fat. Although it's true that fat contains more calories than carbohydrate or protein with th

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

19 Widespread Beliefs (Debunked)

Entry by munagam07

Sloths are lazy CRACKED.COM sloth /sloTH.sloTH/ 1. reluctance to work or make an effort; laziness. noun Slow, yes-. but lazy? Hell, no! A sloth's deli


BELIEF: Goats will eat anything, even tin cans! TRUTH: Of course they don't. However, they will root around old food containers, behavior which could