Tech From 'Futuristic' Movies That Makes No Sense At All

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One of the coolest things about science fiction is the shiny, shiny technology. And all of it makes perfect sense, until you think about it for about five seconds. Don't believe us? We offer the following examples.

Entry by Andrea Meno

Tech From 'Futuristic' Movies That Makes No Sense At All

Entry by Robsonlined

CRACKED COM Why would a group of people, trained and equipped for the sole purpose of colonizing new planets, be treating a new planet with all the tr

Entry by Andrea Meno

The Star Trek ship consoles have few plain text labels; it's mostly incomprehensible strings of numbers. METAPHASIC ICES47 303 SII 3 004 6045 627 I516

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

In a world where technologically- sophisticabed droids are common... ..why aren't they enlisted as fighter pilots? CRACKED.COM

Entry by Andrea Meno

The police robots in 2012's Total Recall are supposed to be a clear improvement over human cops. DETECTING But it says right on their face displays wh

Entry by Ka-ga-mi

If no one would use this weapon now, YAFTER EARTH n why would they use it in the future? CRACKED.COM

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Why don't sci fi guns come with sights? It is the most basic feature a gun could have, and without it, shooting something that stands beyond 25 yards

Entry by TheClam

Years in the Future Faster than light travel Entire Star Systems Colonized Whole Brain Emulation Best way to get around? By Car

Entry by Hestutomo

CRACKED COM 1 toy Transparent phone, when you need everyone to know exactly what you're doing on your phone.

Entry by BuffaloGreg

For a group So big on conformity, why do the Borg put up with a queen? Such a human construct goes against the very core of what they believe in. And


Tech From 'Futuristic' Movies That Makes No Sense At All

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Why would a killbot CRACKED.COM like a Terminator, run entirely by Al, need a screen to read its instructions? ESTON PTENT OVERLDC TALETE JOMN CNE BBA