18 Trends You Secretly Wish Would Make A Comeback

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Come on, admit it. You want fanny packs to come back into fashion again. No, no, don't deny it. We can see your bulging pockets about to burst. I mean, it's a bag and a belt in one. It's the perfect accessory. No need for a purse or a thick wallet to lug around and get lost. It's okay to want them back. Sure, they're fashionably tacky but they could make a comeback, right? You can never truly know.

If you put it out there in the universe, maybe they can make a comeback. And not just fanny packs. Maybe all sorts of dated or currently-mocked styles, products, and other trends of yesteryear could return to make your life whole again. To make life make sense again.

Along with fanny packs, we at Cracked asked our readers what other trends should return to get their proper due. Here's what they told us.

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