17 'Original' Products That Are Actually Total Ripoffs

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You know that super-cool, completely original thing you are super into? Turns out, not so much.


17 'Original' Products That Are Actually Total Ripoffs

Entry by Ka-ga-mi

Disney's Frozen trailer ripped off The Snowman. The similarities between the two nose-losing snowmen forced Disney to settle a lawsuit with the short

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

George Lucas based Princess Leia's iconic hairdo on Mexican revolutionary female fighters' hairstyle... ...or more specifically, on Clara De La Rocha,

Entry by Andrea Meno

The design of Marvel's Deadpool is a ripoff of the DC Comics character. Deathstroke. The artist who co-created Deadpool, Rob Liefeld, is a lifelong fa

Entry by AmyB8484

17 'Original' Products That Are Actually Total Ripoffs

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Angry Birds became popular during its 2009 debut because of its unique gameplay mechanic, where you launch ammunition to take down the enemy's fortres

Entry by Fooery

Energizer ripped off its rival Duracell. The pink bunny in Duracell commercials was becoming popular Energ SO Energizer decided to introduce their own

Entry by Scott Laffey

THE INVENTOR OF MONOPOLY TOTALLY STOLE THE IDEA. In 1904, The Landlord's Game was invented by Quaker Lizzie Magie. es POORHOUSE E CMA ROADWAY 31Y SOHO


OH Homer Simpson's trademark grunt is a shortened version of the d'ooooooh uttered by Scottish comedian James Finlayson in Laurel and Hardy movies D

Entry by PookieJones

Think that the eccentric genius detective Sherlock Holmes is unique? His creator, Arthur Conan Doyle, actually ripped-off Edgar Allan Poe. Sherlock Ho

Entry by PollyDarton

Roger CRACKEDCO the alien AMEe on DADY ADL is a thinly veiled rip-off of bawdy 1970s comedian and Hollywood Squares mainstay Paul Lynde.

Entry by Alexius08

MINECRAFT-Stared as a clone of Inf iniminer. A leak of Infiniminer's source code enabled the creation of many incompatible spinoffs and prevented the


THE MUSIC TO HAPPY BIRTHDAY IS FROM A DIFFERENT SONG. Sisters Mildred and Patty Hill composed the tune in 1893 to sing good morning to their student

Entry by Maclise

For Star Wars, George Lucas took a lot from the John Carter franchise. MARS OF ALISSUE! ORIGINOF HTHORIS! When Lucas couldn't get the rights to Flash


The idea behind Facebook came from a feature of a web portal Mark Zuckerberg's classmate made when they were still at Harvard! Aaron Greenspan Mark Zu


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Entry by Andrea Meno

The T-800's inhuman presence and mannerisms came straight from 1976's Westworld. Schwarzenegger thought Yul Brynner's acting as the Gunslinger in that