29 Huge Social Media Gaffes By Huge Companies

It's kind of a mystery at this point as to why social media gaffs keep happening. Once upon time, you could blame it on not really understanding how outlets like Twitter and Facebook worked. Now, though? There's been a precedent set by so many dumb mistakes that it's pretty inexcusable.

For example ...

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After their data breach in September 2017, Equifax Inc. tweeted: Equifax Inc. Follow GEquifax Replying to Gegloprtntyhtr Hi! For more information abou

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Computer company Razer tried to mock the lack of ports on the Macbook Pro. RAZER @Razer 2h You call yourself Pro? S my D. CRACKED.COM 737 1.9K After r

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In 2011, Bing tweeted that they would give donations to earthquake victims in Japan... How you can #SupportJapan - http:, /binged.it/fEh7iT. For every

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CRACKEDGO COM UK-based Walkers Crisps invited people to upload selfies of themselves, to be used in humorous videos with noted football striker-turned


I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to fucking drive about 3 hours ago vaweb Reply t3 Retweet Chrys

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In May 2017, the St. Louis Cardinals hawked their World Series replica ring on Twitter with these words: St. Louis Cardinals 125 @Cardinals You love b

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In 2013., The Onion, famous for its satires. called 9-year-old actress Quvenzhane Wallis the (-word. UNION.CO The Onion Following CTheOnion the OHIO

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CRACKEDOON LOOk like a girl Act like a lady Think like a man Work like a boss Bic urged women to 'think like a man' during Women's Day on their Facebo

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at somebody Somebody SEntenmannys thought it would be smart to piggyback on the trending Twitter hashtag #notguilty: E @Entenmanns Entenmann's Who's #

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is fed up of dirty homo's and is going after O beaver vodofone VodatoneUK, [+] Fri 05 Feb 15:47 via web APPEARED ON THE VODAFONEUK'S CUSTOMER SERVICE


The New England Patriots wanted to celebrate reaching 1 million followers on Twitter with an auto generated tweet accompanied by an auto generated ima

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LG France LG LG France Nos smartphones ne se plient pas, ils sont naturellement incurves :) #bendgate e pic.twitter.com/ZoHdXyUWkU In 2014, LG France

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On August 9, 2015, Disney Japan tweeted this picture with the caption Congrats on a trifling day in Japanese. K--'N J0- @disneyip thTttit. A VERY ME


Nivea obliviously promoted white supremacy. NIVEA NIVEA Mar 31 at 7:00pm Keep it clean, keep bright. Don't let anything ruin it, #lnvisible WHITE IS P

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In 2013, the Atlanta Journal- Constitution tweeted its congratulations to a lottery winner by making a joke about slavery: ajc AJC Follow @ajc $1M GA

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After Carrie Fisher passed away, Cinnabon tweeted: RIP Carrie Fisher, you'll always have the best buns in the galaxy. Cinnabon Fetew eCresten RIP Ca

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After the United States' 2014 World Cup victory over Ghana, Delta Air Lines tweeted this: Delta Follow Delta Congrats team #USA Nice goal @clintdempse

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CRACKED Pepsi's Swedish Facebook page posted a series of ads featuring a voodoo doll of Portugal's Cristiano MAXO Ronaldo, Sweden's rival for the Worl

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Dogfish Beer got tfree advertising from an accidental drunken tweet by whomever was in charge of the Red Cross official account. 3 American Red Cross

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The US Department of Education misspelled the surname of the civil rights activist W.E.B. Du Bois. US Dept of Education Follow Gusedgov Education must

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During the 2016 Oscars, a Los-Angeles website praised Oprah's tattoo on Twitter... Except it wasn't Oprah. Total Beauty Follow @TotalBeauty We had n

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In 2012, Columbia Records and Syco (Simon Cowell's label) announced Susan Boyle's new album with a public party, and promoted it on twitter with a see

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Global Village's Facebook page in Duluth made a promotion to commemorate Martin Luther King by giving us a 25% discount on everything black Global Vil

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In2011, PR firm The Redner Group posted a threatening tweet regarding bad reviews of DUKE NUKEM FOREVER @TheRednerGroup trg The Redner Group sBetOnDuk

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CRACKED.COM ON APRIL2016, KFC AUSTRALIA POSTED THIS NSFW' PIC: C @ KFC Australia @KFCAustralia : 56m WARNING: #NSFW. Something hot and spicy is comi

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In 2016 quilted purse giant Vera Bradley launched their #itsgoodtobeagirl campaign with user submitted social media posts describing the perks of bein

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In January 2017, Yahoo! Finance ran a tweet promoting their article about Trump's demand for a bigger navy. Trump wants a much n navy: Here's how much

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A few hours after the tragic shooting in Aurora, the NRA obliviously tweeted this: CR American Rifleman Follow RA_Rifleman Good morning, shooters. Hap

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IHOP thought it was a good idea to promote their pancakes with a joke about breast size. IHOP IHOP Follow GIHOP flat but has a GREAT personality RETWE