29 Huge Social Media Gaffes By Huge Companies

29 Huge Social Media Gaffes By Huge Companies

It's kind of a mystery at this point as to why social media gaffs keep happening. Once upon time, you could blame it on not really understanding how outlets like Twitter and Facebook worked. Now, though? There's been a precedent set by so many dumb mistakes that it's pretty inexcusable.

We're talking about calling out every bad driver in Detroit though a profanity-laden tweet on the Chrysler Twitter account. Or Bic asking women to think like men on Woman's Day. Yeah, not gonna get that one back. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution congratulating a lottery winner by making a joke about slavery transcends stupidity. And lastly, do not ever try and trade on Carrie Fisher's death to sell cinnamon rolls - that is going to go very badly.

But don't just take our word for it - here's the full slate of companies who just did not understand so, so much and wound up with a carton of eggs on their faces.

Entry by mkad

In 2012, Columbia Records and Syco (Simon Cowell's label) announced Susan Boyle's new album with a public party, and promoted it on twitter with a see

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