It's kind of a mystery at this point as to why social media gaffs keep happening. Once upon time, you could blame it on not really understanding how outlets like Twitter and Facebook worked. Now, though? There's been a precedent set by so many dumb mistakes that it's pretty inexcusable.

For example ...

Entry by Andrea Meno

In May 2017, the St. Louis Cardinals hawked their World Series replica ring on Twitter with these words: St. Louis Cardinals 125 @Cardinals You love b

Entry by Joyce Rogers

at somebody Somebody SEntenmannys thought it would be smart to piggyback on the trending Twitter hashtag #notguilty: E @Entenmanns Entenmann's Who's #

Entry by Joyce Rogers

In 2013, the Atlanta Journal- Constitution tweeted its congratulations to a lottery winner by making a joke about slavery: ajc AJC Follow @ajc $1M GA

Entry by Katinea

During the 2016 Oscars, a Los-Angeles website praised Oprah's tattoo on Twitter... Except it wasn't Oprah. Total Beauty Follow @TotalBeauty We had n

Entry by Andrea Meno

In January 2017, Yahoo! Finance ran a tweet promoting their article about Trump's demand for a bigger navy. Trump wants a much n navy: Here's how much

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