29 Behind The Scenes Stories Of Legendary Photos

29 Behind The Scenes Stories Of Legendary Photos

Photography does a fantastic job for human beings all over the globe; it can help create peace, secure individual rights, spread awareness of humankind's concerns and challenges, highlight individuals living in extreme poverty, and spread awareness of educational as well as child labor issues, and so much more. 

As all photographers know, there are thousands of individuals looking through their eyes at all times, hoping to see the truth. The majority of people can recognize an iconic image right away.

Today's topic on Cracked is about what goes on behind the scenes of photography. In just this post, we provide 29 stunning, moving, and emotional photographs that not only depict current events but also convey a story. Let's dive deep into what's exactly happening behind the scenes.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, yet most of the time, those words don't explain where the picture came from.

That's bad because those backstories are incredible in and of themselves. For instance...

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THDNCT After the assassination of John F. Kennedy, his widow, Jackie, was silently present during the swearing-in of Lyndon Johnson. She was still wea

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Pictured are a few disaffected youths, lounging while the towers fell on 9/11... CRAGKEDCON ...Or it could be a group of shocked strangers that came t

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Three months into hiding, Anne Frank pasted this photo of herself in her diary and wrote about her hopes of one day becoming a movie star. Lod ne nd >

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Dictator Benito Mussolini had this picture taken to show off his heroism. There was just one important detail edited out. RAKEDGOM The photo looks a

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CRACKED.cO John F. Kennedy Jr. had a lot of practice for his famous salute. For months, his mother insisted he learn a proper salute so he could perfo

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