11 Movies That Changed Stuff For Ridiculous Reasons

This may come as a surprise to many of you, but the movie we get to watch rarely matches the draft it begins as.

Sometimes that's due to strokes of creativity from the filmmakers, but more often than not it's because of some truly ridiculous shit.


Guardians of the Galaxy almost had aliens named after clitorises. No, not in English. Director James Gunn wanted to use aliens called Sneepers in th


The Pentagon didn't like an American admiral succumbing to Xenia Onatopp's crushing thighs. Goldeneye wouldn't be allowed to use U.S. helicopters unle


11 Movies That Changed Stuff For Ridiculous Reasons


The granddaughter of Princess Diaries' director demanded he add a damn castle. The film was originally supposed to end with Mia flying off to Genovia.


Iron Man 3 gave the villain a dick so more kids would buy his action figure. An early draft of Iron Man 3 had a female villain. The writers received a


Spectre producers saved money by making Mexico look bueno. Hacked emails revealed that Mexico offered $20 million in tax breaks if Spectre would show


They removed swearing from The Right Stuff so more teenagers would join the military. According to a letter from the military, The obscene language u


Concussion producers really didn't want the NFL mad at them. NFL P NFL PLAYER NFb HEALTH NFb HEALTH SAFETY CONFE CONFERENCE L PLAYER R NFL P LTH SAFET


The Butler had to change its name because of a 1916 silent film. After months of advertising their forthcoming film The Butler, The Weinstein Company


In Doctor Strange, the Ancient One was whitewashed so China wouldn't be offended. Marvel was afraid of getting cut off from the lucrative Chinese mark


Stanley Kubrick had to change the room number in The Shining because the hotel was afraid nobody would want to stay in a murder room. The hotel where