Legitimately Troubled Characters Hollywood Thinks Are Funny

If a piece of pop culture is in need of some levity, there's often a character for that. Whether they're constantly down on their luck, accident prone, or just completely slapstick, these characters are always good for a laugh.

That is, of course, until you look past all that, and realize the dark reality. For example ...

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Hans Moleman is an old man, nearly blind from cataracts, who ften getS Into crashes or other slapstick accidents due to his impaired vision and it's a

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BASIL Although The antics FAWLTY of Fawlty Towers' curmudgeonly owner are ridiculous & hilarious, Basil Fawlty has many signs of a person with a serio

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OfficeSpace In Office Space, Milton is an underappreciated and neglected individual who is driven to a breaking point by constant bullying and his ina

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ROBERT BARONE ON EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND SUFFERS FROM SERIOUS SELF-ESTEEM ISSUES. I'm on a steady diet of human suffering. He is constantly overshadow


KIng of the Hill This show frequently uses Cotton Hill's height and bizarre behavior as comic relief. The truth is, he's a severely injured and mental


Filch, in the Harry Potter films, has no magic powers, his only friend is a cat and he's solely in charge of keeping Hogwarts clean. We're supposed to

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Legitimately Troubled Characters Hollywood Thinks Are Funny


Suicide Squad portrays Harley Quinn as an eccentric character whose goofy actions always draw a laugh from the crowd. AND THAT'S TOTALY F'ED UP. She w

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123 SESAME STREET Forgetful Jones often appears as a comedic character because he makes a lot of silly mistakes due to his forgetfulness. And little d

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IOUMOeRTELN HS twiiomr On Friendsree's Gunther hais been'a running joke for years due to his forever unrequited love for findina out tnan yours tnar's

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If you really think about it, you would be hard pressed to find a character who's more heartbreaking than Good grief. good ol' Charlie Brown. PSYCHIAT

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Vector is an eccentric geek with no social skills and a bad case of affluenza. He is so ridiculous and unlikeable that even other villains don't take

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CRACKED COM COLT AND ROOSTER ON THE RANCH ARE ALCOHOLICS. orets Y SAN JOSE While their other problems are shown in a more dramatic light, their consta

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MARY-POPPINS Admiral BOOM The retired British Navy officer clearly suffers from either dementia or senility. We're being Home is an exact attacked by


Legitimately Troubled Characters Hollywood Thinks Are Funny


Me, CRACKEDOON Myself If&irene At the beginning of the movie Charlie develops a second personality as a way to deal with everyday troubles. The movie


CRACKED Alan Harper from TWO anda half MEN is living a mediocre life. Alan was made to be homeless, joboless, broke, sexually ambiguous, unlucky male

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STEVE URKEL IS THE AWKWARD NERD WHO CONSTANTLY PESTERED THE WINSLOWS IN FAMILY MATTERS. Side jokes and throwaway lines revealed that Urkel's parents d

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FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF Cameron is a real knee slapper. He arguably has clinical depression and anxiety. On top of that, his best friend constantly m