Proof That Celebrities Should Never Give Life Tips

Celebrities can be great for a lot of things. They entertain us, they sometimes use their oodles of money for the good of others, and the occasional scandal is always amazing for society.

They're also great at using their influence is spread some strange and often dumb beliefs. Behold!

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Jean claude Van Damme advises eating meat once a week. Like hozse and falcon meat! -theiz eyes and hearts, to be exact! CRACKEDcO COM


Proof That Celebrities Should Never Give Life Tips

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Proof That Celebrities Should Never Give Life Tips


Kourtney Kardashian recommends you get an oil enema. Kourtney Kardashian Follow @kourtneykardash l love oil enemas! I recommend them to all of you fre


Gene Simmons once stated: Every woman should be flirted with. Presumably that advice only applies to people who can afford expensive sexual harassme


Snooki recommends you put kitty litter on your face. You get clean litter, mix it with hot water, apply it for ten minutes, and your face will be as


Khloe Kardashian said that women need to try wearing waist trainers. The product claims That it can make you lose and form an body aftershaped long-

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Taylor Swift's dating advice: You don't respond to any of his texts or calls until he does something desperate [like] shows up. Or he calls and leave


Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino has some interesting clubbing advice. The club, my friends, is a battlefield. And you should treat it as such. You ne

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Proof That Celebrities Should Never Give Life Tips

Entry by J. Alexander

Bill Maher doesn't believe in Western medicine and thinks getting a flu shot is the worst thing you can do.

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Ronda Rousey thinks people shouldn't use lube during sex at all. She even claimed that people who use lubes are lazy. No Ronda, perineal tears are def

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Shailene Woodley says in an interview from Into The Gloss, Another thing I like to do is give my vagina a little vitamin D. She adds that If you're

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Michael Douglas recommends a gluten-free diet, as it helps with your memory and your energy. A gluten-free diet has no benefits unless you suffer

Entry by Kevin King

January Jones thinks that all moms should eat their placenta. A healthy diet provides the same nutrients you would get from your own placenta. CRACKED