Ever since the Dave Matthews Band set the standard for band names, every musical group that came before and after has been scrambling to come up with origin stories for their names as bizarre as DMB's.

These are those stories.

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PEARL JAM KEEPS CHANGING ITS BAND NAME ORIGIN STORY. Homemade JAM The boys in Pearl Jam have a bunch of conflicting explanations of their band name. I

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RUMOR HAS IT. KISS STANDS FOR 'KNIGHTS IN SATAN'S SERVICE. IT DOESNT. Back in 1973, band co-founders Paul Stanley and Peter Criss were driving in New

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ALICE In CHAINS IS NAMED AFTER A HEAVY METAL DRAG BAND. The band's name was originally spelled Alice N' Chainz. Lead singer Layne Staley explained the

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FOGHAT IS A NONSENSE WORD FROM A SCRABBLE GAME FA O G2 H A T 2 4 1 The Slow Ride band got its name from a Scrabble game that drummer Dave Peverett w

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