33 Brilliant References Hidden In Plain Sight In Movies

33 Brilliant References Hidden In Plain Sight In Movies

A movie theater is a wonderful place for an engrossing and illusionary art form. Filmmakers frequently include the secret message in their movies, typically referencing other events, films, novels, or happenings.

The Cracked crew has compiled a list of the best secret meanings as well as buried clues from iconic films. You'll be astonished at how often deep motives you've overlooked in many of your favorite films, animations, or television shows.

Readers, solve this riddle for us: what can always be hard, delicate, or colorfully painted and hides in plain sight? It is, in fact, an Easter egg! We've compiled a list of all the allusions, hidden patterns, and Easter eggs (not real ones) found in the films. Please be aware that there are a plethora of spoilers below.

Who doesn't enjoy an Easter egg hunt? Despite our complaints about Hollywood's habit of recycling ideas, we hope that this is a concept that they stick with indefinitely. Because knowing that there's a brilliant reference hidden in the tale can make even the most boring movie more engaging.

Entry by mkad

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Entry by BBY

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Entry by mkad

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