20 Tips To Get You Through Stressful Situations

20 Tips To Get You Through Stressful Situations

Life's tough man. Trump won the election. The most popular videos on the internet are the ones where everyone is standing still. Pants are still a thing. Getting through the day-to-day is just so depressing now.

But thankfully, life hacks are here to help! So the next time shit gets tough, keep these in mind.

Entry by LilySprite

When you're on a diet, don't tell yourself you CAN'T have junk food... instead tell yourself that you CHOOSE not to because you're bettering yourself.

Entry by jaoafallas

Feeling down? Try cleaning your house. If you're feeling lazy, start with something simple like sweeping the floor or organizing your junk drawer. CRA

Entry by LilySprite

Try eating a hot pepper when you need a mid day pick-me-up They get your endorphins going and are much more work friendly than a shot of vodka CRACKED

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