It's the little things in life, isn't it? That really, really, really piss us off. Look, we understand there's all kinds of terrible shit going on that we should be angry about, and we are! But then there are these things ... these little annoyances that just really grind our gears. And we know they grind your gears also.

Things like ...

Entry by milito

31 Inconsequential Things That Make You Insanely Angry

Entry by ron saito

The way other people pronounce words wrong IT'S KEW-PON! IT'S Coo-PON! CRACKED co COM

Entry by milito

Either walk faster, or just stop taking up the entire sidewalk! CRACKED.COM

Entry by ron saito

You decide to watch a show you haven't seen in years and it's the one episode you've seen before. OIr 10

Entry by Hemlock-Tea

when you sharpen your pencil and this happens CRACKED.COM

Entry by Joyce Rogers

PASSPORT TO MADNESS: When somebody tells you about the song they can't get out of their head, giving you the same earworm for the rest of the day. AT

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