17 Real Facts Hidden By The People Who Want You To Be Scared

If you're anything like us, you probably have a lot of irrational fears about shit that were likely planted there from a lifetime of AOL emails sent from crazy aunts.

Well, we're here to provide you some free psychiatry and break those phobias. You're welcome!

Entry by Hestutomo

There are 4O 000 knoun species of spiders in the world, and orly adout a dozen can actually cause serious harm to bhamans. Spiders are SO shy that it'

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Use your cellphone at the gas station and you'll turn into a human fireball. Not only are there absolutely no reported cases of cellphones causing e

Entry by gicusudoru

What? An abortion GRAGKED CONF ABORTION increases IS my risk A CAUSE OF BREAST CANC for breast cancer? WWW.AbortionBreasicancer.com Why does the Komen


Factoring in how many people live in alligator country, there are about 0.06 alligator attacks per year per 100,000 people. Even though they are abund


70 percent of Americans refuse to get a colonoscopy because they're afraid. CRA People perceive a colonoscopy as a painful and uncomfortable procedure

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Lelical waenino alt VARNING! 66 infections WARNNGIWINPC Defender has found24 (malware) or tracking les on your Do you fear the internet is becoming rn


They could support a car. Don't worry!

Entry by Jordan Rudow

Keep a gun in the house to protect your family from violent intruders? Inthe US, 430 peoPLE For comparison, 2,300 are killed during a home people are

Entry by LilySprite

Only 8 out of every MILLION skydive jumps result in a fatality. That's less than.001% GRACKEDCON OUDT

Entry by gicusudoru

Although an earthquake is a terrifying experience, the odds of dying in a modern anti seismic building are less than being struck by lightning. From t

Entry by Zylie

I'm not trying to poison you. The chef at your favorite Chinese restaurant is not cruelly tainting your General Tso's with dangerous substances. 40 ye

Entry by Hestutomo

The deadliest animal attack is neither the shark nor bearo Animals with the deadliest attack are actually bees, wasps. and hornets, but you only have

Entry by Maclise

CRACKED COM Cancer deaths in the U.S. have decreased by 23% since 1991.

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Those refugees from war-torn countries could be terrorists. We shouldn't let them stay in our country! U.S. refugees arrested on domestic And this i

Entry by gicusudoru

Severe turbulence might be scary, it can spill your coffee, you may even get hurt if not wearing your seatbelt, but actually it's more uncomfortable t

Entry by Lunachick71

Afraid of In the US, there are only Snakes? 5 deaths per year, from snake bites. I just want a hug. CRACKEDCON

Entry by Hestutomo

Perhaps because of their breed's origin and their intimidating physical appearance. Pitbulls have a notorious but undeserved reputation as vicious dog