15 Things In Everyday Life That Won't Be With Us Much Longer

Ever read one of those "Ready To Feel Old" galleries? Shut up, of course you have. The ones that have a picture of that baby from Nirvana's first album all grown up or let you know how long ago Crystal Pepsi gave us nightmares?

Well, we're getting the jump on shit like that. Start hoarding now, because soon you'll have to say goodbye to things like ...

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The 3.5 mm headphone jack is living its last days Intel wants to replace it with USB-C and Apple with Lightning


The future will be hangover free oea J8 FUTURE PRESENT By extracting hangover-causing elements from alcoholic drinks, scientists are developing hangov


GIRANOE BYE BYE REMOTES! OOE: ad channel Coonteast Briightness 8 Netwokk Sharpness 50 G/R) G5O R5O Adustmeot S UE22E85410 IQ 00 CHOL Remote controls h

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15 Things In Everyday Life That Won't Be With Us Much Longer


ELEGTRICALPLUGS WLL BE REPLACED BY USB PORTS T X T USBs are small, convenient and universal. Electrical plugs are not, and because of that they'll be

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By 2048, Fish on Fridays may no longer be a thing. The populations of nearly a third of commercial seafood species have dwindled to 10% of their for


Your keys will SOON be replaced CRACKED COM by SmArtphones. Unlocked The next generation will probably not have to deal with keys that much. There are


CAN I HAVE NO, SORRY PHONE YOUR NUMBERS ARE NO NUMBER? LONGER A THING. A staple of our culture for the last century, phone numbers are being phased ou

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Smoking has steadily been dropping in the US since 1965, and it is expected to be obsolete by 2050! Statistics by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC

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CRACKEDO Wereslowlyrunnings out ofantibiotics. Not because we can't produce them. but because we use themtoo much. Bydoing this, bacteria are becoming


Automobiles have had human drivers for a century, but self-driving cars are expected by 2020 to be advanced enough to let users safely talk on the pho

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Charging phones using cords will become S86 a thing of the past, as we transition to wireless charging. Ds 1200 ynuer ( PROXT

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CRAGKEDGOM Sorry, stick shift snobs, the manual P transmission will 9 become extinct soono The distribution of cars with manual transmissions has fall

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15 Things In Everyday Life That Won't Be With Us Much Longer


In just a few decades chocolate will become a luxury food. In the next 40 years, global warming will make the climate in West Africa, the biggest prod