Popular 'Life-Hacks' That Are Detrimental To Your Life

Everyone seems to have a surefire solution that "everyone knows about" -- "everyone" here being people on the internet and probably grandmothers. But, if there's anything that we've learned about the web, it's that for every myth it can dispel, there are about a dozen others it is used to perpetuate.

For example ...


IF YOU want to get rid of a hanigaver, just drink plenty of water and you'll be fine. Not fast. SO Scientists found that drinking water doesn't help c


cYou need 8 hours of sleep a night! 10 8 5 According to recent studies, 8 hours a night is fact. a myth, not Scientists a say that how much sleep you

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You might have heard that adding salt to water will make it boil faster. But if added, the salt actually raises the boiling point of the water. This m

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Ear candling is a practice offered by many beauty treatment centers. It's done by lighting one end of a hollow candle and placing the other end in the

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CRACKED.COM TIP: To keep ants out of your pet's food, draw a circle of chalk around the bowl. In truth: Any obstacle, even a chalk line, will trip up

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You've probably heard about the toothpaste trick to get rid of pimples before. What you didn't know is that toothpaste isn't actually drying out your

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Drink red wine in moderation and you can prevent cardiovascular diseases! This is only applicable to some people. Recent follow-up study in Sahlgren

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We are told to wear light clothes But heat is not summer they just coming in in as are better at from the reflecting keeping sun. It's also coming off

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The life hack: Put a penny in a vase of flowers to extend their lifespan. The copper in a penny acts as a fungicide that prevents fungal growth. Fact:

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Did your friend just get stung By a jellyfish? Don't ruin his day even more by peeing on him. CRAG STINGERS If you get stung by a jellyfish the most e

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No, chewing gum while cutting onions will not save you froM shedding onion tears. The compounds that make you cry when you cut onions stimulate your e

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Dark chocolate contains flavonols, a type of substance that can improve memory and blood flow. Flavonols are bitter. In order for chocolate to have

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Toothpaste is a popular home remedy for burns. However, toothpaste is not sterile, and applying it to burns increases the risk of infection. Also, it'


You shouldn't cross your legs when sitting, it will cause varicose veins' I REAL DOCTORS DISAGREE. Crossing your legs does not cause varicose veins,

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Does putting your batteries in the freezer improve their performance? No, this will actually mabe it worse! Cold batteries drop voltage faster than re

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' before E,' exCEpT after C,'or in Ay' like in Aeighbor' or Weigh. In 2009, having seized attention to the weird deficiencies in the rule, the UK's


SHAVING MAKES YOUR HAIR REGROW THICKER AND COARSER. NOPE! Science says shaving doesn't change anything about the hair regrowth Process. The hair is cu

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No matter what your goal is, the most portant thing is to REMAINPOSITIVE! Right? Well, no. Acording to several studies, avoiding negative thoughts w

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Wait an hour after eating before you go swimming or you'll drown. Although this is backed by the evidence that the process of digestion takes away b

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CRACKEDcO Trying to lOse wEight? LAY OFF THE PASTA! advised the Pope was Even Jess pasta to eat by his doctors him gaining after they noticed of weigh

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Trying to save a wet phone? Put it in rice and leave it for at least a day. Actually, the rice part is irrelevant. The idea perpetuates, because we

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CRACKED.COM CAN'T SLEEP? TRY COUNTING SHEEP BAAAD IDEA! A 2001 study found that when people visualize a relaxing scene, they fall asleep 20 minutes so

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Closing unused apps on your phone will help improve its battery life. Apps in the task manager are frozen, and are already in the memory of your Mai