19 Facts About Food We'd Bet Anything You Didn't Know

We all know that the food industry is pretty shady, but we just kind of push that idea to the back of our brains so we can stick burgers in our pie-holes without feeling bad about it.

Well, we're here today to stick something else in that pie-hole. And by "pie-hole" we mean brain. And by "something else" we mean "incredibly disturbing facts that are guaranteed to make you lose your appetite."

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Are you addicted to cheese? It's not entirely your fault, the blame is on Casomorphin which is derived from the digestion of the milk protein Casei

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Think you hate Airline meals are hand prepared 8 hours before flight delays? a given flight. If the flight is delayed too long, hundreds of food trays


To stop ingredients in fruit-flavoured soft drinks from separating, companies use brominated vegetable oil (BVO). The additive is banned in Europe, Ja

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CRACKED COM Potato-based products libe potato chips and French fries release a chemical known as acrylamidew.hen heated above 248Fahrenheit. This chem

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When you think of a chicken farm, you probably picture something like this Actually, most chickens raised for human consumption live in crowded housin


WHAT MAKES CHEWING GUM CHEWY? In order to make chewing gum more chewy some gum brands use Lanolin, an oily secretion found in sheep wool. When added t

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It's common knowledge that all parts of a pig are edible, and this includes the animal's brains which used to be removed by inserting 90 psi compresse

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Some types of caviar contain your favorite cleaning product, Borax, or known as E285! It is used to improve the texture and sweetness of the delicacy,

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The French delicacy Pate de Foie Gras is made by force-feeding ducks and geese to enlarge their liver.

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CRACKED Many fast food restaurants' hamburgers and chicken strips are imprinted with fake grill marks.

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CRACKED COM Yolk color is serious business... ... and the egg industry has it down to a science. The DSM YoIkFan measures yolk color within of a range

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Sio Silicon dioxide is an 2 agent used in many foodstuffs and drugs to prevent caking. It's found naturally in quartz, and in turn, on beaches and in

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CRAGKEDCOM Traditionally, female pigs are employed to find and extract truffles (a subterranean fungus considered a delicacy in many cuisines) due to

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Salad carries more health risbs than meat. Because vegetables are grown in the soil, they are exposed to pathogens that can only be billed. by cooking


Coffoe Carbon dioxide is used to decaffeinate your coffee!

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One single burger can contain parts from over 100 different coWS because manufacturers thinb that it is more cost-efficient to grind multiple coWS at

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Did You have cheese on your sandwich today? Then You might have ingested an enzyme made from the stomach of a calf. An important ingredient in making


Do you eat dairy while avoiding veal? In reality, the two are closely linked. Male calves are taken away from their mothers soon after birth, so that


Livestock companies want their animals to be as healthy and strong as possible in order to survive the horrible conditions they're kept in. To achieve