Yes, long after humanity has died out and the raccoon overlords have taken over the planet, those raccoons will probably have completely forgotten which presidential candidate was right about achieving prosperity. Frankly, they'll probably be more interested in developing violent power structure around the last remaining dumpsters to raid. Stupid raccoons. But, undoubtedly, many pop culture debates will still be raging on in some form or another.

All jokes aside, there've been some wild pop culture controversies. For example, a Texas radio station once banned a Bob Dylan song--not because it contained any obvious obscenities, but because his vocals were so incomprehensible they were concerned they might! Frankly, we kind of get it. 

We asked our readers to bring us some pop culture controversies that will make you slap your head in disbelief, and gave the most ridiculous 100 bucks. So, scroll on dear reader! We hope you have your ibuprofen on hand.

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