17 Eyebrow-Arching Facts About Respected Occupations

We live in a world where we rely on experts for everything. If you want to be good at sports, train hard with a great coach. If you have a lot of money and want your story told but can't write worth a shit, pay an author to do it for you. If your naughty bits are looking a little strange, go see a doctor.

Except it turns out there are plenty of so-called "experts" out there that really don't deserve your time and money. So don't put your genitals in the hands of people like ...

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Want to know if your team is going to win Tune in to your local sportscast, or follow your favorite sportswriter. Of course, they're wrong about game

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You might not know much about art. But art critics do. They spend their lives studying that stuff. Except that they're easy to fool. For example, they

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Wine Tasters have amazing palettes. Their well-trained tastebuds magically detect nuances in wine. Except when they don't. One study had tasters compa

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Aren't WED S weather forecasts helpful? A quick glance at the news, and our local meteorologist will tell us what'll fall from the sky in the coming w

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Want to invest some money? You'll probably want to pay a stockbroker to make smart investment decisions for you. 10-00 Except that 70% to 85% of fund

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BRAND Social Media Gurus are everywhere. A recent count found 181,000 of them on Twitter, alone. MARKETING sUCL SALES Unless a person has a thorough u

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Private investigators are SO smart. Whether it's a jaded ex-cop or a fussy Belgian genius, the private detective steps in when the police are stumped.

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Want your kid to learn self-defense? Sign the little bugger up for a martial arts class. They'll learn discipline, get some exercise, and make new fri

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Want to be a badass? Try being a bounty hunter. Seriously, go for it. Legally, you don't need a diploma or any sort of training. That's thanks to Tayl

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Need an operation? The operating room is sure to be staffed with highly- qualified SURgEONS and their assistants. About that: surgical technologists,

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Who you gonna call? A ghost hunter, that's who! These paranormal investigators use scientific equipment to investigate paranormal activity. Or you cou

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Everyone needs a Life Coach. Imagine having a person by your side whose job it is to help you make healthy changes to your lifestyle. Before you jump

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Ever wish you were a cowboy? They were the knights of the Old West, with their guns and horses and manly hats. The thing is, being a cowboy would be b

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How does the FBI stay sharp? In order to make sure their agents are up-to-speed on current laws and procedures, the FBI routinely tests them. SPECIAL

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The soldiers guarding our nukes are subject to rigorous testing. After all, one failure in the system could be catastrophic. Unfortunately, they cheat

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Bodyguards are like Batman. Their main job is to put themselves between you and harm, and that takes wits, smarts, and strength. And by that we mean i

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When police get stuck, they call a criminal profiler. These experts sketch in details about a suspect, to aid the investigation. But scientists have f

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