27 Sex Myths Too Many People Still Believe

We live in a society where the dumbest notions are prevalent and actual facts seem to have a harder time getting ingrained in people's grey matter. And nowhere is this more apparent than when it comes to anything involving our genitals. Which isn't only sad, but could also be, you know, dangerous.

So as a part of our court-mandated community service, we teamed up with our readers to bring you a PSA about sex and why everything you likely believe about it is completely untrue. We gave money for the best entries, and the winner is below ...

Entry by Scott Laffey

NICE BULGE A is just that. Studies have proven that the size of a penis in the flaccid state... Does not correlate with erection length. CRACKEDCON

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Despite your parents' belief that teenagers these days hook up way too easily without ever committing into their relationships, a 2014 study reveals t

Entry by JennyDeVic

Myth: Sex before the game will affect your performance. Some take this very seriously. During the 2014 World Cup, five teams implemented pre-game sex

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Aphrodisiacs like chocolate, banana and oysters do not work, according to doctors. Things like phenylethylamine and selenium from chocolate and oyster

Entry by JennyDeVic

CRACKED Truth: Having an Myth:When orgasm and a ejaculating are two man has an separate processes. A man can ejaculate orgasm, and not feel an he alwa


Guys. no matter how well-endowed you think you are, your penis is NOT large enough to bypass the OMPENETRABLE FORTRESS that is the cervix and amniotic

Entry by Chelsea Burns

Myth: The male orgasm is the only important one when it comes to baby-making. Scientists knows surprisingly little about the evolutionary purpose of t

Entry by Scott Laffey

Think women mostly fantasize about Ryan Gosling making love to them in the rain? Think again. A poll conducted for research published in The Journal O

Entry by JadeCampbell

Self-oathing? Daddy issues? Sexaddiction? Actually, a 2013 study suggests that BDSM practitioners are even more mentally healthy than the average pers

Entry by djHanDon

Not every man can learn how to hold his horses by practicing. Sox therapists say that some guys are born with premature ejaculation and have to contro

Entry by JomSadie

CRACKED THERE WIlL BE BLOOD Or not really. Fewer than half of all women bleed during the first time they have sex. Experiences vary from individual to

Entry by Comunacho

Myth: an HIV diagnosis is a death sentence. Reality: A 20-year-old person living with HIV in North America has a life expectancy of another 51.4 years

STOP LOOKING FOR THE G-SPOT! A review of 60 years of research has led a group of scientists to conclude that there's no magic button that will give

Entry by Scott Laffey

Erectile dysfunction is just a problem for older men. Wellbnotactually. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine reported that 26% of men b

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Is Vaseline your go-to product for sexy time? If you think preventing yeast infection is a good idea, you should stop using it, along with other oil-b


ORAL sEX isn't safe SEx! Botth giving and receiving can lead to the conttractio of STDS.


YOU CAN CATCHAN STD FBOM A TOILET SEAT STD'S have a hard time surviving outside the human body. They also cannot be contracted from urine, which is st

Entry by Scott Laffey

Your wedding day will culminate in EARTH MOVIING SEX Not always. Not even often. Recent surveys have suggested that as many as 67% of newlyweds skip w

Entry by Scott Laffey

IF YOU CAN'T MAKE HER CLIMAX THROUGH INTERCOURSE, YOU'RE JUST NOT DOING IT RIGHT! Actually, only a quarter of women report they can orgasm through coi

Entry by djHanDon

CRACKED If have HIV you you can't be a mother WRONG! HVpositive diagnosed women succeeded in having healthy babies in 98% of their pregnancies if the

Entry by JasonZolina

CRACKED.COM asee 'Being Sperm have just a few upside- minutes to swim into down your cervical post- mucus, where they coitus hang out helps the and

Entry by Scott Laffey

Despite blame deflectors like Josh Duggar's allusions, there is no link between viewing pornography and criminally deviant behavior. A 2009 study show

Entry by Comunacho

Myth: Having a friends with benefits relationship (FWBR) doesn't work, either it damages the friendship, or it'l evolve into a romantic one. Reality:

Entry by Jose Canyusi

CRACKEDC COM WHEN SHE SQUIRTS ..IT'S PEE. A 2014 French study investigated seven women who experienced female ejaculation. In every case, during sex

Entry by Comunacho

CRACKED COM Do you know the third date sex rule? For the average couple, it's more like the 9th-to-18th date sex rule.

Entry by JadeCampbell

CRACKEDCON It's a common belief that a woman can't get pregnant when she's having her period. we However, due to unpredictable timing of ovulation, an

Entry by Chelsea Burns

Myth: If you're a male who likes butt stuff, then you're a flaming homosexual. Fact: The prostate is an erogenous zone for all men - gay and straight.