23 Insane Science Stories The News Forgot To Tell You

You know what's not awesome? All the super dumb or depressing or ridiculous stories the media keeps stuffing into our grey matter. You know what is awesome? Science! And news about what's happening in the scientific community is the kind of stuff we should really be digesting the most of.

To help with this endeavor, we asked our readers to uncover some of the craziest stuff going on that is science-related. We gave cash money for awesome entries, but first the runners-up ...

Scientists have created aa prototype material that repairs itself. In other neWs, aan assembly line robot grabbed and crushed a man against a metal pl

Entry by Scott Laffey

Harvard geneticists have successfully spliced woolly mammoth DNA into living cells from an Asian elephant. While 'de-extinction' of the species is an

Entry by Jose Canyusi

CRAGKEDe Arctic Sea ice between 1975 and 2012 has decreased 65 percent. By the end of the century, it'll be gone. And then we can sail all the Titanic

Entry by Scott Laffey

CRACKED.CON Achieve perfect vision without the use of glasses or contacts with a BIONIC EYE? Dr Garth Webb of British Columbia has invented a bionic l

Entry by T. S. Obiech

CRAC SCIENTISTS NOW BELIEVE that an electromagnetic propulsion drive (EM drive) developed 1'5 years ago, but dismissed as scientifically impossible,,

Entry by Scott Laffey

Bioengineers at Harvard have recently developed CYBORG TISSUE. Nanos and transistors are woven into living cells, creating a network which can report

Entry by T. S. Obiech

Researchers were recently able to RESTORE VOLUNTARY LEG MOTION in 5 men who were previously TOTALLY PARALYZED... thanks to the combination of a neurol

Entry by Phighter

Research from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm has found a potential location in the human body where nervous system cells have been transforming

Entry by Comunacho

In January, scientists announced the discovery of Teixobactin, the first new kind of antibiotics found in 30 years, isolated from soil bacteria. It's

Entry by Comunacho

A joint Gladstone-UCS study, published in 2014, found a way to reprogram skin cells into mature, fully functioning liver cells, that were successfully

Entry by cfeenstra67

In February, Britain voted to allow the world's first three parent in vitro fertilization (IVF). Babies born using this LEDca Elont method will have

Entry by dr_deathproof

CRACKED COM Freeze rays exist! Scientists at Nanyang Technological University have discovered that firing a laser at the correct frequency can slow do

Entry by Phighter

CRACKED CONT SO If you have diabetes and are tired of pricking your fingers, this prototype may end your pain. Developed by a team from the University


Early Cancer Detection? There's an app for that! Well, it's on the way. Jorge Soto demonstrated his prototype publicly for the first time in 2014, tak

Entry by Chelsea Burns

'Memories' Can Pass Generationally In 2013, scientists trained mice to fear a smell similar to cherry blossom. When those mice had grandchildren, th

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Mike Rubenstein, Alejandro Cornejo and Radhika Nagpal, from Harvard created one thousand kilobots the size of a quarter each, that can work independen


Research from 2014 found that BLOOD taken from a young mouse can rejuvenate an Cld mouse's muscles and brain. Additional work strengthened the evidenc

Entry by Comunacho

CRACKEDcO COM In 2014 of a group scien tists in California were able to extract more energy from ontrolled fusion reaction than what they a puti in it

Entry by Comunacho

CRACKEDcO COM Researchers have developed a possible HIV vaccine. The team at the Scripps Research Institute designed a protein that mimics CCr5, a pro

Entry by Comunacho

This is a fossil of Otavia antiqua, a sponge-like metazoan the size of a grain of sand, discovered in Namibia in 2012. They were dated to 760 million

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

CRACKED co A group of researchers from Oregon State University has created a new strain of seaweed, modified from dulseo It is reported to have better

Entry by Scott Laffey

23 Insane Science Stories The News Forgot To Tell You

Entry by Scott Laffey

CRACKED.COM LIKE SOMETHING DUT DF TOTAL RECALL neuroscientists at the French National Centre for Scientific Research were able to implant fake memorie