Look, drugs aren't all that great, really. But sometimes the way Hollywood depicts their effects on people is downright laughable. Almost as if the people directing the scenes have never used the drug in question themselves, and took pointers from someone who was probably stifling a chuckle with every word.

We wanted to pay tribute to these scenes and asked our readers to show us the worst offenders. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by Comunacho

CRACKED In the episode Under My Skin, House quits Vicodin cold turkey, and turns to Cuddy to help him face the withdrawal symptoms. Luckily for her,

Entry by Rachel P.

In the 1938 film Reefer Madness, drug-abusing teenagers engage in wild sex violence and suicide - a direct result of smoking weed.

Entry by CZM

CRACKED COM Every heroin sequence in Requiem for a Heroin actually Dream has the includes a opposite effect, shot of a shrinking pupil pupils to a dil

Entry by mkad

20 Movies And Shows That Know Jack (About Alcohol And Drugs)

Entry by Scott Laffey

Jock Andrew Clark's reaction to trying pot in The Breakfast Club? Stripping down... Fist pumping... Doing cartwheels... Doing somersaults... Fist pump

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