15 Wild Facts About 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'

Apparently, when you’re directing animation, it helps to be very limber and to not get embarrassed easily, in case you need to act out the movie for the animators. At least that’s one of the takeaways from this batch of stories about The Nightmare Before Christmas. Stories like ...


At one point, everyone in the studio was making bugs in their spare time. They needed so many for Oogie Boogie, they asked everyone to make some bugs

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Sally wore socks for very practical reasons. The original doll's ankles were so thin, she couldn't stop c- so they made the ankles thicker, and put so

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At one point, Sally was kind of stumbling as she walked. They tried making her walk in a wobbly, uncertain way, to play off of the fact that she's a r

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The studio wanted eyeballs on Jack. Some people at Disney suggested he should have eyeballs, but Selick and Burton just ignored them. Selick says, We

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The clown with a tearaway face was initially much more gruesome. The original idea was to show flesh and blood under the face. They ditched it because

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A super macho guy brought Sally to life. As director Henry Selick says, the animator who was best at animating Sally and had this delicacy with her

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Jack Skellington's movements are based on Henry Selick's. Selick acted out most of Jack's moves, to show animators what he wanted from them. NiGIT BER

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Danny Elfman's role as Jack Skellington was the only time he played a character in a movie he composed music for.

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The movie was originally supposed to be a TV special. That's how Tim Burton pitched it to Disney, back in the early '80s (Disney turned it down becaus

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A jab at Tim Burton got cut from the movie. At the end, when the vampires play hockey, the puck was originally Tim Burton's head. They removed it beca

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They started filming without a script. They had Tim Burton's story, Danny EIfman's songs, and that was pretty much that. Director Henry Selick says th

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After an argument about OOgie Boogie, Tim Burton kicked a hole in a wall. Henry Selick wanted Dr. Finkelstein to be inside Oogie Boogie, operating him

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They used a very old-school trick to make Zero look like a ghost. To make him look like a ghost, they shot a transparent mirror showing the puppet (wh

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The scriptwriter wanted to change Oogie BOOgie because she thought he was a racist caricature. Oogie Boogie had ugly, dangerous, racist connotations

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Tim Burton's friends saved the movie (depending on how you look at it). Burton didn't think Jack should be giving the kids their real Christmas presen

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