15 Bits Of Weird Trivia About A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas is one of the most beloved holiday specials of all time. But imagine if, say, they aired a laugh track -- no, really, that’s what a producer wanted at one point. Here’s more detail on that, and 14 other stories: 


Charlie Brown's dinky little tree comes from a fairy tale. Producer Lee Mendelson suggested the idea of decorating a scrawny, ugly tree because he'd r

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The movie could have had a laugh track. Producer Lee Mendelson floated the idea, and Schulz' only response was to stand up and leave the room. Thankfu

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The idea to have Linus recite from the Gospel of Luke sounded like a disaster. When Schulz suggested it, Mendelson and director Bill Melendez thought

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DOCV AL Executives hated a classic Peanuts feature. They didn't like that little kids spoke grown-up lines like We all know that Christmas is a big c

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Christmas Time Is Here wasn't supposed to have any lyrics. Mendelson got the idea to put some lyrics in two weeks before the special aired, and call

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Parts of the soundtrack were recycled. Pianist Vince Guaraldi had composed music for a documentary about Schulz that ended up not getting made, and he

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CBS CBS CBS CBS execs hated it. They didn't like that the animation was slow, that there were religious undertones, and that there was so much jazz. T

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The movie was sold before Charles Schulz even knew about it. Ad agency Mccann Erickson had the idea for a Peanuts holiday special and called producer

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Most of the voices came from regular neighborhood l kids. The production company hired professional child actors for Charlie Brown, Linus and Lucy. Fo

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Some of the child actors couldn't read Cincluding Linus' voice actor Christopher Shea). That meant director Bill Melendez had to read out their lines

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The lyrics for Christmas Time is Here were made up on the fly. Producer Lee Mendelson came up with them when they had a children's choir in the reco

Source: A Charlie Brown Religion


Charles Schulz was ashamed of A Charlie Brown Christmas' artwork. A lot of the drawings are terrible, he said. He also once commented that the cont

Source: Orlando Sentinel, Smithsonian Magazine


R Ronald Reagan's brother might have saved the movie. During production, McCann Erickson sent their exec Neil Reagan to check how the movie they commi

Source: New York Magazine, Washington Post


They came up with all the core ideas in an hour. Schulz, Melendez, and Mendelson only had a few days to submit a pitch, so they sat down to brainstorm

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Director Bill Melendez voiced Snoopy. His lines were sped up by a factor of 10.

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