15 Hazards That Make Christmas Season Horribly Dangerous

It's true, 2020 Christmas season is shaping up to be particularly bad, but that doesn't make regular Christmas safe. Just getting out of your home to make it to your in-laws' involves avoiding countless deadly pitfalls -- and that's only the beginning. So many dangers lurk beneath the tinsel and the pine needles, you'd think we're celebrating the birth of Jigsaw from Saw. Here we're giving you a summary of a few of those – the rest you'll have to figure out for yourself. Bwahahahaha!


PRESENTS Using knives or scissors to get that wrapping paper out ofthe way? Maybe you shouldn't. Hospital visits due to sharp objects peak on Christma

Source: Quartz


BIOHAZARDOUS TREES That pine you just got into your house is covered in mold, and will fill the air with spores. This could lead to respiratory proble

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TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS Put a lot of stressed-out drivers behind the wheel in lousy weather, and unsurprisingly, you'll get some of the worst driving days o

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STOCKINGS Christmas stockings are made of flammable materials. You're supposed to hang them in front of a fire. You do the math. Better yet, hang them

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EXPLOSIVE WRAPPING PAPER OK, maybe the paper doesn't actually explode --but it can burn very fast and very hotly, causing flash fires. Also, the fumes

Source: Consumer Reports


MALL SANTAS A study found that 277 children were harmed by Jolly Old Saint Nick between 2007 and 2016, through mishaps such as falling off his lap, or

Source: Journalist's Resource


CHEAP CHRISTMAS LIGHTS A shocking amount of cheap lights bought online can electrocute you. They also get hot enough to start a fire.

Source: Which?


HOLLY Surprise! Holly isn't as deadly as usUally believed. Still, calling a poison control center is probably not your idea of a jolly Christmas, so b

Sources: The New York Times, Poison Control


HOMEMADE EGGNOG Nog recipes often call for raw eggs. Do you know who loves raw eggs? A lil' fella called Salmonella. If you make your own eggnog, make

Source: NC State News


DECORATING Climbing a ladder is risky at the best of times - even more so when you've been imbibing some eggnog. 14,700 decorating-related ER visits w

Sources: CPSC, 5 Reasons Christmas Is the Most Dangerous Time of the Year


MURDER Christmastime can be a stressful time, what with crowds and music and mandatory cheer. This might be the reason why murder rates tend to

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