Actors Who Went The Extra Mile (And Way More) For A Role

<p>Acting kind of looks like the easiest job in the world: you learn your lines, you show up and say them, you get paid. Well, some actors apparently think that’s <i>too</i> easy. These badasses went so far above and beyond, it might as well have been into another dimension. Check them out:</p>


So he could learn to paint in Pollock's painting style for Pollock, Ed Harris built an art studio in his house. He also gained 30 pounds and started s

Source: The 5 Craziest Ways Famous Actors Got Into Character


For his role as a pro assassin in Collateral, Tom Cruise kind of went undercover. To learn how to blend into a crowd (not easy when you're Tom Cruise)

Source: The 5 Craziest Ways Famous Actors Got Into Character


Johnny Depp lived with Hunter S. Thompson to prepare for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Depp smoked and slept next to gunpowder barrels Thompson kept

Source: 7 Famous Actors Who Lost Their Minds Getting Into Character


Nicolas Cage covered his face with corpse paint for Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance. His character would get a CGI head, and he didn't want his castm

Source: 7 Famous Actors Who Lost Their Minds Getting Into Character


For Boys Don't Cry, Hilary Swank would dress up as a man for months. She taped down her breasts, stuffed her pants, dressed as a man, and walked aroun

Source: Chicago Tribune


Samuel Wright recorded his lines for The Little Mermaid from the floor. He's pretty tall, and he wanted to get into the mindset of Sebastian, who's ab

Source: Nambucca Guardian


Vincent D'Onofrio wore basketball knee braces for Men in Black. He saw them in the window of a sporting goods store, and realized you could use them t

Source: Vulture, Uproxx


Margot Robbie carefully planned Naomi's accent for The Wolf of Wall Street. She wanted Naomi to have muted her original Brooklyn accent (to hide her h

Source: IndieWire


For First Blood, Stallone went to real nurses to check how realistic his fake wound was. On a lunch break during the shoot, he went to a local hospita

Source: FilmSchoolRejects


In his 70s, Timothy Dalton would stay working on the Doom Patrol set until 3 AM. When asked why he takes so much care his shots are right, he explaine

Source: The Independent


Benedict Cumberbatch wore a copy of Alan Turing's dentures in The Imitation Game. It was Cumberbatch's idea, and the movie's costuming department crea

Source: Yahoo!, FilmSchoolRejects


Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver did a ton of training they didn't need to do for The Last Jedi's throne room fight scene. That meant there was no need to

Source: FilmSchoolRejects

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