15 Movie Cool Details (That Came Straight From The Director’s Life)

Movie directors are just like us, it turns out: they want to leave a tiny fingerprint on their movie, kind of like we all did on our Play-Doh as toddlers. We’ve gathered 15 examples of those fingerprints for your enjoyment and, potentially, bewilderment.


Waban brake fluid in Death Wish is Eli Roth's personal shout-out. waban His brothers were arrested for breakdancing in a place named Wabans, and he pu

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Tim Burton wrote the note that the Joker gives to Vicki Vale along with the gas mask in Batman. this oN Put now right That's my handwriting, he said

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John Boorman's son is the kid in Ed's wallet photo in Deliverance.

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Moonlight's penis comparison scene actually happened to Barry Jenkins in middle school. I think there's something very universal about the way boys g

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That's James Gunn's own dog in the Guardians of the Galaxy hologram on Morag. His name is Dr. Wesley Von Spears.

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The mask that the Exterminators wear in Zardoz was based on John Boorman's face. CRACKED.COM

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The Shake Weight that Skurge uses in Thor: Ragnarok is Taika Waititi's. One night, when Waititi was in his hotel room for the Green Lantern shoot with

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James Cameron made the drawing of Rose in Titanic (and those are his hands in the shot). CRACKED.COM

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The river god scene in Spirited Away basically came from Hayao Miyazaki's own life. When they cleaned out a river near where he lives, they found a bi

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The apartment that Tom Cruise's and Nicole Kidman's characters live in Eyes Wide Shut used to be Stanley Kubrick's. CRACKED.COM

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They filmed James Gunn as the motion reference for Baby Groot's dance in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Somewhere in a secret vault there is me doing all

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Ivan Reitman's son Jason is the boy saying that the Ghostbusters are full of S#&! in Ghostbusters 2.

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Vincent Vega's car in Pulp Fiction, a 1964 red Chevy Malibu, was actually Quentin Tarantino's car. CRACKED.COM

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Michael Bay had actually said the line Wow, that tongue thing is amazing, from The Island. The first girl who ever French kissed him got to hear tha

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The home in Mission: Impossible 3s party scene was heavily based on J.J. Abrams' own home. CRACKED.COM

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