13 Movies, Science, And History Now-You-Know Fascinating Facts

<p>Did you know that, say, Radiohead’s OK Computer got its name from a random line in a novel? We imagine not. But if you’d like to learn about that and a dozen other things, check this out:</p>


The Avengers: Endgame plot grew out of a throwaway comment. The Russo brothers couldn't figure out what to do with Thanos, as he was super powerful an

Source: Film School Rejects


Rutger Hauer thinks Deckard is the bad guy in Blade Runner. He gets a gun pointed at his head and then he f***s a dishwasher, and then he falls in lo

Source: British Film Institute


In Russia, complaining about winter is considered unpatriotic. The winter saved the country from two major invasions, So extreme cold is something to

Source: Edmonton Journal


Put together, all the plastic on Earth has more mass than all the animals Con both land and sea). HO NOW YOU KNOW

Source: The Guardian


Three men survived for 16 days in a sunken battleship after the Pearl Harbor attack. They were only found when the battleship was salvaged six months

Source: Seattle Times


OK Computer got its name from a random Hitchhiker's Guide line. RADIOHEAD Lost Chitd Losts Chiloy The Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy contains the li

Source: VICE


We almost got a Sofia Coppola adaptation of The Little Mermaid. Her version was supposed to adapt the original fairy tale, and she wanted to shoot und

Source: IndieWire


Koala fingerprints are nearly identical to human ones. At one point, Australian authorities were even concerned that koala fingerprints might have mes

Source: Vernon Morning Star, The Independent


In Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Ego's planet is based on fractal artwork. The filmmakers brought on Hal Tenny, who makes Mandelbrot set art, as a visual

Source: Film School Rejects, Mandelbulb


Ghostbusters got its name almost accidentally. Columbia couldn't get the rights to the name from Universal, since there was an old TV show called The

Source: Esquire


The deepest man-made hole on Earth is 7.5 miles deep. It's the USSR's Kola Superdeep Borehole, and its deepest part is nine inches in diameter but rea

Source: Atlas Obscura


On the Western Front of WWi, both sides regularly scheduled truces for meals and bathroom breaks. At least Germans did this a lot with the French and

Source: National Post


Theodore Roosevelt was surprisingly progressive for his day. In his Harvard undergrad thesis, he said there was no question that women should have eq

Source: Theodore Roosevelt Association